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Piano discussion groups

Beginners discussion group Advanced discussion group
Beginners group Advanced group
Charlotte, adult student 15th February 2021 Great fun meeting with fellow beginner pupils via Skype. It was comfortable and relaxed, as we all shared an enthusiasm to improve our piano playing: in fact we spent most of this first session laughing! This informal discussion of piano ideas was very friendly and will help our confidence and develop our playing.

Advanced meeting 17th February 2021 The first advanced meeting: got to know eachother, then use of metronome and speeds were the first subjects, but not all serious as you can see in the pic. 23rd March we discussed how to improve our piano practice by using some aspects of software management techniques and asked if it is possible for a computer to play as musically as a human.
Beginners meeting 28th March 2021The enthusiasm builds up and we looked into the problem of nerves and resulting loss of concentration. How to cope with this without playing wrong notes. We played a little to eachother and all found the same problems, but good to hear that the 2nd attempt was better and sometimes even perfect.
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